Aktualizacja 21.3

  • Ja tu wrociłem na PLa bo licze ze w koncu bedzie co robic na 75-95 w zimie :)

    MrQuaa - POLSKA - DAGGER - ON :ninjadag:

    xQuatil - POLSKA - LIKAN - ON :chunjo:

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  • No właśnie ja tak samo liczę na grę 75-95 max :P Miejmy nadzieje, że będzie fajny drop na azku i smoku :D aż mi się odechciało Polyphemosa i dropienie alchemii :D

    • Changelog for Update 21.3


      • It’s now easier to reach the Blue Dragon. Players can get to the Dragon’s Temple via an instance. Previously, you could only enter the Dragon’s Temple as a group. Now, each group enters their own instance to get to the Dragon’s Temple. In addition, you now need to destroy 8 rather than 4 Metins before you can attack Beran-Setaou. Entry is now permitted up to 6x per day:

      ◦ You can enter after handing over 5x Twisted Keys to the Ghost of a Sura – and then make 5 further entries after delivering 70x Dragon’s Temple Entries to the Ghost of a Sura.

      • Players can undertake 17 new daily quests on the Yohara continent. Treasure chests can also now be found as part of quests and as random loot in Yohara. The chests contain upgrade materials, research materials belonging to the biologist Chaegirab, and SungMa Potions.

      • The loot from three of the older dungeons has also been improved:

      ◦ The loot from monsters, Metins, Szel and Nemere in Nemere’s Watchtower has been adjusted.

      ◦ In the Devil’s Catacomb, the 4th level has been removed and the loot dropped by Charon and Azrael has been altered.

      ◦ The loot dropped by the Purgatory Fire Metin, Ignitor and Razador in the Red Dragon Fortress has been adjusted.

      • The sky no longer turns red in the Ritual of Blood event.


      • Fixed a problem whereby all event Metins had the same name and were therefore impossible to tell apart.

      • Fixed a bug which caused an error message to appear when attempting to generate the Serpent Temple.

      • Fixed a problem where the amount of EXP acquired was reported incorrectly.

      • Fixed a graphics issue on the Bokjung map which resulted in one of the houses displaying with an odd texture when viewed from various angles.

      • Fixed a bug which meant it wasn’t possible to receive a quest from one of the NPCs in the Pyungmoo area.

      • Fixed an issue where players would be teleported back to the old continent if they died on the new continent.

      • Fixed a bug whereby players would fail to receive a notification about the amount of EXP lost for exceeding a time limit.

      • Fixed a bug with the NPC Baek Go whereby text would overlap the menu.

      • Fixed an issue which meant some Dragon Stones were not displayed when using the Trading Glass

      • Fixed a graphics issue with Exalted Dragon Armour on mounts.

      • Fixed a graphics issue with the Serpent Guardian.

      • Fixed a graphics issue with the Shooting Dragon shaman skill.

      • Fixed a graphics issue with the Wolf’s Claw lycan skill.

      • Fixed a graphics issue with the Hell Strike sura skill.

      • Fixed a graphics issue whereby shamans were holding fans incorrectly.

      • Fixed a problem which meant players didn’t receive an error warning when attempting to take new items out of storage with a full inventory.

      • Fixed a problem with incorrect Azrael item descriptions.

      • Fixed a graphics issue surrounding event-helper NPCs’ hair.

      • Fixed a graphics issue where weapons would no longer display after using an emote and putting on or taking off a sash.

      • Fixed a problem whereby it was possible to fish in areas not intended for fishing.

      • Fixed a graphics issue on the big map which meant NPC markers were missing.

      • Fixed graphics issues concerning various enemies.

      • Fixed a graphics issue which caused one bow to look like a different one when it was being used.

      • Fixed a bug which prevented players from being able to close the UI after selecting a Dragon Stone Shard quest and pressing ESC.

      • Fixed a graphics issue concerning the stairs in multiple houses.

      • Fixed a graphics issue where the character would sometimes freeze in Bokjung.

      • Fixed a graphics issue on the Soul Gorge Bridge.

      • Fixed graphics issues in the Joan area.

  • Mam nadzieje, że Azrael będzie opłacalny a przy tym Smoczek jakaś fajna bomba yang itd. Teraz tylko czekać na sprawdzenie dropu z azka i smoka :)

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